Blog ( 08/07/2022 )

Why is “fun” important to events?


Author: Team Orange

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Published date: July 8, 2022

“Fun is the glue that helps events stick together.”

Tone and energy are often the secret sauce to engagement.

“Fun” gets a bad rap in events. Seen by some as frivolous and superfluous, fun can actually re-energize audiences and increase adoption of messages.

E.L. Productions pros have thoughts on the topic…

People are more open and receptive.
Chelsey Greenhaigh, Manager, Production Experience
“You need fun in events – full stop. Audiences tend to be more open and receptive to messaging when you create that feeling. Find something that works with your culture and your event to hold attention.”

People forgot about fun…and disengaged.
Heidi Allen, Producer
“If you want to engage, inspire or reach a business objective – you need fun. We seemed to forget about that role in events for awhile…then watched as audiences disengaged en masse. Fun makes it memorable, accessible and interesting.”

People use fun to make vital emotional connections.
Bianca Zuccarini, Junior Producer
“Fun is really the glue that helps events stick together. With components of fun, people see the event as something human, which creates more empathy and connection. When you’re in back-to-back sessions, it revitalizes and shakes up the audience.”