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About E.L. Productions





From content to technology, there are new tools and new rules – all working to improve audience engagement, understanding and activation.
E.L. Productions brings future-focused knowledge and experience to leading brands like yours. Together we ideate, develop and deliver experiences that captivate, illuminate and empower your audience.


Our story

Our story

Our story

Our story

Our story

Our story

A fashionable beginning.

E.L. Productions launches as an event agency with a specialty in fashion, design and consumer experiences – a skillset that demands high production value and the ability to be ready for anything. It's a foundation that sets a new standard for clients.

A journey like no other.

For more than 25 years, the world’s most renowned brands seek out ELP for a higher order of production. Focused on events that generate tangible impact, from product launches, concerts, to corporate stages and immersive experiences the team expands and evolves to deliver original, powerful moments that focus on next level audience engagement.

A surprising turn of events.

The pandemic creates significant challenges for events...and significant opportunities. The ELP team takes this time to explore and experiment with approaches that put the audience first and re-invent the event – from content management through broadcast mindset. It's an approach that means events connect better and matter more.

A valuable future.

"Keep disrupting...” Driven by E.L. Productions’ values of Trust, Perserverance, Fun, Calm, Communication, Thoughtfulness and Knowledge the team sets to consistently evolve what an event can be – and what it can accomplish.

Our goal is to make your events matter. We believe that events and experiences can accomplish so much more, which is why we continue to learn and build approaches that help clients and colleagues achieve that goal.

Eugenia Lista-Zaharchuk, President
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