Blog ( 10/06/2022 )

Why are different perspectives and experiences important to developing events?


“Differing perspectives challenge us to make something incredible.”

Bigger ideas come from friction and collaboration.

It forces you to stay away from stagnation.
Alyssa Merrick, Manager, Event Experiences
“Been there, done that is the worst thing you can hear on a team. When you have people who have seen, tried, failed and succeeded with different ideas, you can create something original. We have people with broadcast backgrounds and live event experience…and it brings the sort of differing perspectives that challenge us to make something incredible.”

It’s my favourte part of the job.
Kate King Wale, Creative Services Coordinator
“I find the conversations we have to be so exciting – from our morning check ins to our brainstorming sessions. When you have people that come from such unique perspectives, you learn. It also gives you the edge when it comes to developing events that matter.”

It has the potential to remake a whole company.
Carly Bowering, Corporate Services Specialist
“Different perspectives can change an entire company – making everyone to think broader and think bigger. For me, it’s not just important…it’s essential.”