Blog ( 19/08/2022 )

What impact does a presenter have on an event?


“Consider things like the value of the first minute and the power of the last minute.”

Content counts for so much more these days.

Audiences won’t sit and listen to a 60-minute corporate overview. They demand content that is relevant, meaningful, important and valuable.

E.L. Productions’ teams see that challenge firsthand…

Presenters set the tone and pace.
Heidi Allen, Producer
“Great events have a tone and pace – and it’s the presenter’s job to set that. It’s a real balancing act between entertainment and messaging to ensure that audiences engage. I see so many leaders just avalanche the audience with numbers  and forget that the audience needs to be engaged.”

Better content is fuel for change.
Jason Thomson, Content Director
“Presenters present to change something – a mindset, a perspective or an action. When you consider things like the value of the first minute, the power of the last minute, the role of structure, the simplification of messaging…it can all come together to transform an entire audience.

Think theatrical.
Susanne Lankin, Producer
“I come to events from a theatre background – so I know the importance of how a presenter delivers. You have to hold power on that stage, to be a presence. It helps the presenter connect, and makes a difference.

Make your presentation fit, matter.
Carly Bowering, Corporate Services Specialist
“One of the most important things is for a presenter to consider how they are contributing to the event – and how to make their own presentation matter. It’s about everything from managing the number of words on the PowerPoint to ensuring that there is a clear story to follow.”