Blog ( 21/12/2021 )

How technology has helped events to forge onward.


We never stop learning and we know there are always ways to improve an experience for the audience — in-person and remotely.

For years, our go-to technology gave us the ability to create virtual events – but with the growing demand to up-level virtual experiences we decided to lean-in to make it happen.

If you’re reading this you’re probably on a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet.

We’ve been depending on these gadgets for years for both work and play — and if you’ve done just about anything in the last 24 months, you’re certainly aware of how much more we’ve truly relied on these devices to get by.

The events world is no exception.

We’ve moved forward with a deeper understanding.

When we were presented with the challenges that come with a pandemic, we had to act — and change — quickly, lest we stagnate in the past. While live, in-person events had to take the backseat, we maneuvered, we learned, and we adapted. We already had experience with broadcasting live events, but we had to deepen our understanding of the tools, processes, and capabilities. We didn’t ask, “How do we put a live event online?” We instead asked, “How is an event meaningful to audiences?”

We’ve strengthened our relationships with our partners, and we’ve been asking questions.

We turned to the broadcast industry — who hold decades of experience in making live television look and sound great with the right equipment. We asked more questions, and we raised our expectations of what a virtual event can be. By strengthening our relationships with the best in the business, we were able to learn new skills and boost our capabilities. Together, we had the opportunity to expand the potential of virtual events — and we’ve been sharing those learnings along the way.

We’ve embraced changes, adapted and are loving every minute of it.

Virtual Events are more than a Zoom call.

We never stop learning and we know there are always ways to improve an experience for the audience — in-person and remotely. Even though events turned to virtual out of necessity and not necessarily by choice, we recognized that technology, and these platforms and apps, allowed us to offer so much more to virtual experiences. We can offer opportunities to present endless creative solutions for meaningful conversations.

A big part of our success has been in how we worked with the technology we already had available to us. It’s about thinking outside the box, and then thinking outside that box’s box. With our know-how of what tools are needed to make an event engaging, combined with our ability to make a high-quality and stable broadcast — we are making great events accessible, no matter where they are.