Blog ( 15/04/2022 )

How is the “experience” changing events?


Author: Team Orange

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Published date: April 15, 2022

“Events are an opportunity to change perspectives.”

The shift is on to place the attendee at the centre of the event.

A physical or virtual location that takes the audience through a powerful journey. That’s the role of the “experience” – an integral part of a successful, life-changing event.

Leaders from across E.L. Productions recently added their two cents to the concept…

The audience is becoming part of the show.
Heidi Allen, Producer
“It’s like we’re breaking the fourth wall to find ways to make the audience integral to the experience. From crowdsourcing content to including the audience within the presentation – it’s all about how we create an experience that engages.”

The audience knows its time is valuable.
Gillian Kilpatrick, Manager, Strategy & Client Services
“Thinking of the event as an experience helps the audience see the event as important – that it’s a good use of their time. Events really are an opportunity to change perspectives, to make personal and professional lives better. Building a true experience helps accomplish that in a unique way.”

The audience wants it to be meaningful, personal and impactful.
Alyssa Merrick, Manager, Event Experiences
“People want to know that what they’re doing is making a difference. By focusing on their experience, you can help them to feel the impact of what they do. Events can have a higher purpose when they are meaningful, personal, and impactful.”