Blog ( 05/08/2022 )

How do we mitigate risk when risk seems infinite?


“What if a swarm of killer bees comes to the event?”

Planning is just the first step.

With increased broadcast capabilities, the internet as a platform, and more ambitious in-person experiences…risk is at an all-time high. But with smart mitigation strategies, risk is just another element on the checklist of a production team’s day.

The E.L. Productions team is well versed in determining, managing and succeeding against risk…

Help me see the thing I don’t see.
Chelsey Greenhaigh, Manager, Production Experience
“We black hat, we poke holes and we ask ‘what on earth could go wrong?’” That’s a challenge for an optimist like me, but I follow a process that slows me down, makes me stop and think about what could go wrong – then plan for it.

Here’s an example. Virtual has made things really complicated. What if the power goes out? What if weather causes a global internet outage? We think about these things.”

Try to think about the craziest thing that could happen.
Alyssa Merrick, Manager, Event Experiences
“I once had somebody ask ‘what if a swarm of killer bees comes to the event?’ If we can plan for that…we can plan for anything. It’s just about taking the time to develop a process and then to learn from every experience to grow your approach to risk mitigation.”

What if…what next.
Carly Bowering, Corporate Services Specialist
“It’s a simple process with big results. What if…this happens. What do we do next? Integrate into our process. Repeat.”