Blog ( 11/02/2022 )

What is production?


Author: Team Orange

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Published date: February 11, 2022

“Producers are like conductors in a symphony…you see the pieces and you need to link them together.”

As meetings, events and experiences evolve, the concept of production is changing.

Ask a hundred event and experience producers what production actually is, and you’ll probably get 100 different answers. Ask three of them about it, and you get this

Production is…everything at once.
Bianca Zuccarini, Junior Producer

It’s really about bringing all the pieces to life to create an experience that people can see, hear and feel. These days, that’s everything from your traditional elements, including AV partners and talent sourcing to content development and risk mitigation.”

Production is…building better experiences.
Susanne Lankin, Producer

“Technically, production continues to change in new and unexpected ways, but our role is to get audiences excited to be in the room. We have to look at how we’re inspiring, how we’re engaging and how we deliver a complete experience.”

Production is…creating something beautiful.
Chelsey Greenhaigh, Manager, Production Experience

“I was thinking about this when I was brushing my teeth this morning, and the best way I can describe it is to take something from nothing, and make it into something. Producers are like conductors in a symphony. You see the pieces and you need to link them together to create something beautiful. We have to ask – how can we make these little things work together.”