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Dear mom…


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Published date: May 13, 2022

“Dear mom…I wear a headset.”

How to explain your life in events to your parents.

It’s one of the trickiest things in events – how to define what you do to people who don’t quite understand what event producers and creators do.

The E.L. Productions team took its best shot at it…

Dear mom…I’m a conductor for events.
Gillian Kilpatrick, Manager, Strategy & Client Services
“I help put all the right people in the right places at the right time to create something that’s as good as television. In a way, I’m a conductor, making incredible music with my work.”

Dear mom…I wear a headset.
Bianca Zuccarini, Junior Producer
“I would tell my parents that when you go to a really great event for work – celebrating the top people, talking about the year ahead – that someone has to make that happen, and it’s usually me. I’m one of the people wearing the headset – and we help bring all the pieces together, from lighting to what you see on the stage.”

Dear mom…I’m listening to voice talent options.
Kate King Wale, Creative Services Coordinator
“I was having lunch with my parents this afternoon, and tried to explain what I was up to. I’d just finished listening to voice talent for a video. It helps to use examples, and to work in their world. So I reminded them of a recent fashion show that they attended, and explained how I help with the building blocks. They thought ‘I didn’t even know this job existed!’”


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