Blog ( 11/03/2022 )

How do you use events to tell stories


Author: Team Orange

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Published date: March 11, 2022

“What is the message and what is the best way to bring that message to the audience.”

Events present an opportunity to gather, connect, immerse, engage and activate in a way no other communication medium can.

“Storytelling” builds powerful connections to audiences, ensuring that they remember content, understand ideas, and are inspired to get into action. What does effective storytelling look like in events?

We asked three E.L. Productions colleagues…

Events are the story.
Kate King Wale, Creative Services Coordinator
“For events to deliver a lasting experience, you have to think of the event as the story. Audiences are disengaging at record rates, and we have to be aware of not only what the message is, but how to deliver it in the most compelling way.”

Linked stories move people.
Gillian Kilpatrick, Manager, Strategy and Client Services
“Events work best when they make people feel something – and that’s where storytelling plays a huge role. That’s especially true when you think of that story not as a single moment during an event, but as a long form campaign. You link together messaging in small segments in a calculated methodology to create peaks, challenges and resolution. As a whole, it has the power to move an entire audience.”

Storytelling is about connection.
Bianca Zuccarini, Junior Producer
“Being able to connect with a story brings you closer to the audience. It connects the pieces of the event, and it connects you to attendees.”