Blog ( 07/01/2022 )

The story changed, so did we.


Author: Team Orange

Bringing new insights from our world, to your world.

Published date: January 7, 2022

Our story now? Produce greatness.

We’ve sharpened our story to reflect the changing needs of events and our clients.

E.L. Productions has always adapted to shifting conditions – and we continue to remain agile and flexible for our clients and our industry.

A brand is not just a visual identity (of course, that is one component). There is a larger story to a brand – it’s a promise. And that’s why we’ve made some upgrades.

The world is changing, and with it, audience expectations are changing too.

The world has been shifting quickly. The gravitas of events has become far more important over the course of the pandemic. Virtual events call for higher production value and more sophistication to keep attendees engaged. The why, the how, and the form in which we meet have all evolved. We can all agree that today, a 60-minute presentation feels foreign and outdated.

And so, ELP changed with the world – and we did our research along the way.

When the inevitable changes became apparent, we chose to move forward with purpose and examine how we could change, too. We began to actively do our research. We interviewed our clients and reviewed our findings internally. By taking a closer look at what our clients were truly looking for, we’ve expanded what we can offer in this new and changing world. As a result, we’ve expanded our understanding of what we can do as an agency – more importantly how we can help.

Our story now? Produce greatness.

Our research has led us to a key learning – the importance of empowerment. Particularly during what often feels like uncertain times. This empowerment needs to be present in our clients’ minds throughout the entire production experience and have deeper meaning. The focus needs to go well-beyond simply saying you are great by addressing and understanding how you are great.

With that at our core, we look at the event as an entire experience – what are the goals and objectives. How we tell the story and its ability to impact audience engagement are always top of mind.

We are a holistic production company—because every step is important.
Who we are is more than a brand – it’s a mindset. We put our brand in every single touchpoint with our clients. It is in our communication tools, our content strategy, coaching, our creative elements, our framework, and our delivery. All of these components work in harmony in a way that makes every experience impactful for both our clients and the audience. We have taken a holistic approach. Of course, the final execution is important, but how we get there is just as important.

Our research and our learnings from the changing industries around us have resulted in expanded operational elements that empower those around us to, well, produce greatness. We want to share a powerful story about not only what an event can accomplish but how we can accomplish it together.

Our values and culture matter to us and they should matter to you, too.

One thing has been clear to our team: our aspiration and values are very human and rooted in the importance of connection, and we work to match that. We have a very human culture at ELP – on a professional level, we strive to be the experts you want to talk to, and on a personal level, to be the people you want to connect with.
Our team is diverse in knowledge and experience and we are equipped with an adaptable mindset, new insights, new tools, and a new approach to be more effective than ever before.