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Success Story

Getting personal.

Executive Meeting

One of the key shifts in events since 2020 – replacing exhaustive formality with engagement-driving connection.

There’s a very true story that describes just how much of a problem “engagement” is becoming at events.
Six weeks into the pandemic, a pharmaceutical leader is holding an online meeting, the spouse of an E.L. Productions producer is in attendance, online and listening at 9:00 a.m. sharp.
By 9:30 a.m., the producer peeks into the office to see how it’s all going. There, fast asleep on his keyboard is the spouse.
The early days of lockdown produce meetings that leave audiences tired, overwhelmed and absolutely disengaged. E.L. Productions responds rapidly, developing new models for content, broadcast, agenda development and audience journey.
The learnings that come from this development are piloted, played with and produced in dozens of events throughout the pandemic – including the financial institution’s vital meeting. It’s a program set to help an eager and anxious audience learn about what the future of work looks like for the organization…and for them.
And it can’t be boring for a single second.
Luckily, the team has developed the strategies, creative approaches, tactics and execution models that can grab and keep audience attention.
Elements include a framework that clusters short content around specific topics, a separate Master of Chat leader to keep audiences commenting and talking in the event Chat, presentations that feel more like conversations, embedded recognition opportunities, and more than a half dozen other strategies.
It leads to a highly attended event that ensures content is not only delivered, but also received. On a day when human connection is needed most, E.L. Productions delivers big.