Success Story

Driving a rhythm.

Town Halls

Ideating and iterating for event
success at one of the world’s
premier transportation companies.

Challenge – Deliver an online Quarterly Town Hall Meeting.
Bring together simultaneous attendees in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand to connect with the vision from the CEO and senior leaders. These meetings are critical to ensuring a fast-growing company stays on track.
Approach – Ideate. Iterate. Improve.
Elevate the program one step at a time.
E.L. Productions builds a long-form plan to improve the Town Hall’s impact each Quarter of the next year. It starts by transforming the program from a multi-person Zoom call into a more engaging professional Broadcast.
Each program rendition builds on that first step, improving the creative approach, agenda, risk mitigation and logistics.
Results – Execution on another level.
  • More than 1500 attendees tune in
  • Live program feels like a professional broadcast