Success Story

Managing a sugar rush.

Product Launch

Frying up some logistical magic for
Krispy Kreme’s Canadian launch.

The stories are legendary.
People camping out for days at a time…just to be one of the first to bite into the sugary phenomenon that is a Krispy Kreme doughnut.
The brand superstar had already conquered all of the United States when it set its sights on the Canadian market. Krispy Kreme launches had been the stuff of legend – with massive line ups, traffic jams and logistic hurdles. That’s the picture painted during an original briefing session.
The team gets right to work, placing a phone call to the Peel Regional Police, setting in motion a November touch down for the brand in Canada. That call sets the stage for a full sixteen weeks of police presence on one of the city’s busiest streets.
“We started with site planning and built a comprehensive traffic plan into the program.” explains one Producer. “We met with the City of Mississauga, the Region of Peel and Peel Regional Police every single week to button down every detail.”
In the end, the launch featured everything from live music and activation tents to couponing and pop-up surprises. It became the perfect incubator, teaching the team how to manage 5 store openings across Ontario and Quebec.