Success Story

Risky Business.

Internal Strategic Meetings

Nothing can get in the way of a winning production – if you have the right risk mitigation in place.

“Why is Spotify down?”
Developing a landmark event for a team in the midst of a major set of launches is difficult enough without a massive global internet outage.
Happily, this is a good news story.
The financial services organization is on a massive growth trajectory, choosing a premier event to reveal not only the exponentially large goals in the year ahead, but the strategies and tools that are already in motion.
Such a significant event requires two things – a visual design that underscores the weight of things, and a laser-sharp content strategy to create energy, momentum and engagement.
The visual design matches top-tier live news broadcasts. From the event’s main broadcast location in New York City to the upgraded look and feel, the piece feels very much like the coverage of a major event.
Attention to content matches attention to design. The team works for weeks to establish a clear set of messages that can be introduced and reinforced throughout the broadcast. Common language is repeated, and messaging is kept to a clear set of themes that are relevant to the audience.
With everything in place for a big event, the internet decides to go out for millions of users worldwide. Within minutes, the E.L. Productions team diagnoses the issue, and sets into motion its backup plan.  The team decides the best move from a cost and timing perspective is to continue recording the presenters to play at a future broadcast. The financial services team reschedules the broadcast for two days later and the audience experiences the show as intended, hearing the messages that set the table for a very big year ahead.