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Success Story

On the road to something engaging.

Virtual Event

Launching a new all-weather tire with broadcast production, big ideas
and winning collaboration.

“Have you ever seen the TV show Top Gear…?”
From little comments, come big ideas.
It’s Week 1 of development for the launch of General Tire’s all-new “All Weather” tire. The emerging category represents big opportunities for tire manufacturers, and Continental Tire Canada is looking for a statement event to showcase the product.
In the past, there’s been a common framework for such an event. Rent a globally recognized track, get a couple of famous drivers, and construct a white glove event around the program.
The pandemic has upended everything, making an in-person event impossible. That’s why seven E.L. Productions (ELP) colleagues are holding a Teams brainstorming session. This first discussion explores a strategic approach to the program.
Here, at minute 31, the team has already seen a huge opportunity.
“If we do this virtually, we can increase the audience size significantly,” explains one participant. Instead of simply replicating past events, the team spends time strategizing ways to open entirely new possibilities. Because the event was virtual, more people could attend, the frequency of communications increased, and the created content could be repurposed.
Later, the ELP team works together to consider what could engage the audience. They start with a campaign approach to maximize awareness. The addition of a B2B contest ensures more registrations.
That’s when someone mentions Top Gear, the #1 rated broadcast television show in the world because of a mix of big storytelling, big music and big fun. Top Gear reimagines what a “car” show can be, with celebrities, innovative production and more fun than three hosts should be allowed to have.
The room comes alive with ideas.
Instead of traditional presentations one after the other, the team re-imagines the program as a series of segments.
Some are high entertainment, like a family road trip to a favourite lunch spot. Others showcase the new product, but there’s a twist — the product receives an “unboxing,” a popular approach with YouTube watchers. There are special guests, a famous host, and a 60-minute program that keeps audiences interested in a myriad of ways.
What makes all of this possible is a collaborative client process that works to include the client. In the coming days, the initial concept is revealed. That’s when the sleeves really roll up. Together, the General Tire team and ELP collaborate and ideate on the details.
In the end, the concept is a serious success story with 600+ dealers tuning into the virtual experience.