Success Story

A path to love.

Product Launch

Thousands line up to ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Revlon.

It’s always empowering to receive positive emails. It’s even better when that email comes from your agency partner that has tasked you to create an unforgettable event for Revlon at Yonge-Dundas square – in just three weeks.
Three weeks to ideate, source, install and execute. Standing beneath a gigantic social-media-worthy heart on the day of, it’s hard to believe how it all came together.
Or how big the idea is.
Revlon faces a shift in its brand. For nearly a century, the brand has succeeded by selling the concept of “hope.” As thoughts around beauty change, so must Revlon. The idea…use the concept of “love” to transform thoughts around Revlon. Agency partner APEX reaches out to E.L. Productions for fresh thinking and fast execution.
Imagine an approach that remakes Canada’s busiest corner into “A path to love.”
When it comes to bringing everything to life, the team arrives before sunrise, prepping for the 3pm opening of the square.
On a blustery November day, the space is transformed from concrete space to a warm, inviting garden. Green turf stands in for a physical pathway that leads to a gigantic heart in the centre of the square. Meanwhile, trial activations dot the space, and little surprises abound – like firefighters handing roses to visitors. As the sun sets, that heart lights up in bright neon, attracting even more visitors. A media tent plus surrounding screens complete the immersive environment.
“A path to love” finds its way to thousands in the heart of the city resulting in positive impressions for Revlon’s new campaign.

“This concept is incredible. We are SO THRILLED by how much you listened.”

Campaign Manager, APEX