Our chance to grow.

Our chance to grow.

Digital and virtual are more than new platforms – they represent new ways to engage and activate.

Many years ago, a friend and strategist gave me a challenge. “Don’t think about an event as just an event – think about it in a much, much bigger way.”

What he meant was that events could become an opportunity to leave people more inspired, more engaged, and with more room to grow. As a team, we’ve worked to do that for a generation.

It isn’t always easy. There are times when clients focus on the execution so heavily that there
isn’t much room for great strategy, great content and great impact.

In a way, that’s what makes this particular time so interesting. The recent increase in demand for digital experiences is far more than a shift to recreating an event. It’s a chance to rethink what an event can be and what it can do.

Audiences continue to change dramatically. We find that attention spans are shorter and the desire for personal and professional growth is so much greater. The digital environment is the perfect place to meet these needs whether it’s Podcasts or Twitch or MasterClass.

This is our time to think about the experience in a much, much bigger way – not as an event, but as a time and digital-place that can help our audience absorb and share content, develop better skills, and be inspired in new and fascinating ways.

– EL