What could go wrong?

What could go wrong?

Why we invest in Extended Reality studio production to elevate the experience.

It really is the worst possible moment – and you probably know it well. You’re on a ZOOM Webinar, or participating in a larger conference and – the video freezes, or the audio drops out, or you’re distracted by the speaker who is silhouetted with their back to the window.

Every time that moment happens, I get a little knot in the bottom of my stomach because we’ve just created the worst possible impression – the impression that virtual events are low-grade, low-production and low-value. I get the same feeling when it’s a speaker who looks like they’re broadcasting from their bedroom, or a panel that looks like they’ve never even rehearsed.

This is such an important time for events and ensuring that virtual, online and digital programming works well and is an effective experience. One place we’re having success is with programming executed in an Extended Reality studio.

Think of Extended Reality as a real-life version of Star Trek’s holodeck. It’s a physical space that you stand in. A specific environment is mapped around you. This isn’t like green screen. Because you can see everything, it’s like real life VR without the goggles.

We’ve chosen to invest in Extended Reality because it provides the level of professional experience you expect for a top tier event:

• It’s reliable. Our partner provides us with backups-upon-backups-upon-backups for broadcast quality high-speed internet. No more dropped calls.

• It’s secure. Large organizations increasingly ask us about security. A private Extended Reality partner provides high level encryption with traffic that’s not easily compromised.

• It’s immersive. We’re fighting to engage audiences. Extended Reality studios look like broadcast locations at the next level. Create a news environment or broadcast from the space station.

• It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Jib shots. Multi cameras. Conversations with interviewees you can see. The sky’s the limit.

I read an article recently about how the NHL is trying to reinvent the way it is broadcast. They’re pushing boundaries as a way to connect with fans. With Extended Reality, we’re doing the same thing – and ensuring that so much more can go right.

– EL