The two way street.

The two way street.

Start enlisting your audience as a co-creator to drive attendance and engagement.

You’ve seen the numbers – you know that audiences are dialing into events and tuning out faster than ever before. And you’re doing everything you can think of – polling, storytelling, exercise breaks, presentation coaching…

How about this one. Instead of giving the audience superficial interactive exercises, why not get them to build, participate, and elevate the agenda.

For many, including me, the best part of live conferences is the conversation. We love the ability to share and connect. The thing is, having a conversation during the networking portion of an event always felt like the stuff surrounding what was happening on main stage or in the trade show.

Virtual gives you a chance to flip that idea, and in doing so, make the audience – and their content – the centre of attention.

How about this. Get a small group of attendees together in a moderated discussion around a central topic. Have a presentation professional in the group to moderate, ask questions and gather insights. Then, have that moderator present what they learned in the moderated discussion to a larger group in real time. The audience is in control, and the content is more meaningful.

From Pop Up sessions after plenary programs to micro training that unfolds over a few days, the audience is becoming so important that they’re more than the recipients of information – they’re the curators of what’s next.

– EL